♊ May 21 – June 20

Geminis are extremely smart and quick, particularly with words.  They are a mix of everything amazing in life: intelligent, adaptable, and communicative due to the different qualities in their sign.  Geminis do not allow life to pass them by – they are curious about life and want to be a part of everything it offers.

Duality is a huge part of being a Gemini: the symbol for their sign symbolizes this!  The concept of twins embodies the Gemini spirit, as they usually want more than one thing in each part of life.  This goes for jobs, hobbies, even lovers…  Geminis love and welcome change and always want a new experience.  This does not necessarily come from a place of greed, but the crave for something fresh and exciting.

Geminis tend to have a lot of unfinished tasks because of the physical inability to handle the workload they put on themselves.  Geminis love people and talking to them!  People are drawn to Geminis because of their amazing skill of communication.  They are great at conversation, persuasion, convincing, even gossiping.

A downfall of Geminis are their superficiality and tendency to judge something too quickly and not examine its depth.  Regardless, people are drawn to Geminis because of their amazing advice and intellectual conversations.  While they love to give advice, if things get too dark or deep, a Gemini might turn away because of their distaste for negativity.

Routine is not in a Gemini’s vocabulary, so do not try to pin one down.  If dating a Gemini, it is wise to keep things new and exciting or else they might stray…




♉ April 20 – May 20

Taurus is quite similar to Aries in my eyes.  I have two close friends who are Taurus’.  Let’s get into them…

Taurus people are extremely dependable and are there for people when they need them.  They are stubborn and are determined to get what they want in life.  Taurus is a fixed sign which means they do not welcome change easily.  This stubbornness comes into play again when they reject change.

What people do not know about Taureans upon first knowing them is that they really do have a temper.  Similar to Ariens, they can build up anger within them.  However what sets Taureans apart is that they will not show their anger so easily, and can keep it under control, much like a bull (their animal).

Taureans love their money and possessions.  They have excellent taste and love to share as well.  Taureans also crave security and prefer permanence over temporary “joys.”  Living with a Taurus person can be hard due to their secretiveness; Taureans are quite private people.  They can also be opinionated which can turn certain people off.

Taureans are sensitive due to their hopelessly romantic hearts.  They crave the real things in life: a stable relationship, honest friendships…  If this means having a few close friends, then so be it.  People are drawn to Taureans’ brilliant taste and financial wisdom.  However, being too dogmatic can turn people away…



Aries… Me

♈ March 21 – April 19

This is the first sign of the zodiac, so naturally this sign is assertive and powerful.  Aries people are spontaneous and constantly have new ideas.  With this comes a certain impatience when their brilliant concepts cannot be brought to term.  Ariens tend to not finish tasks because of this lack of patience.  Sometimes things will not go their way, and this lesson must be learned.

Aries are sociable and talkative initially.  They love to hear themselves speak almost.  They love to share their opinion and have things go their way.  When things are not in the favor of an Aries, they will face that opposition with annoyance.  Aries feel as though they are the leader, and being that they are the first sign of the zodiac, they truly are.  They have this confidence and always strive for the best.

Aries are generous, reckless, and enthusiastic.  They are also optimistic; certain things may really bother an Aries but it will not last for long.  Ariens love to be independent and will defy anyone who tries to boss them around.  For an Aries, this is simply unacceptable.  They do what they want!

Ariens live lavishly and like to spend their money, however will probably never remain in someone’s debt for long (if at all).  Ariens like to be in control, even if they doubt themselves occasionally.  They know they can handle it in the end.  People are drawn to Ariens because of their excitement and ability to tackle rough situations with optimism and aggressiveness.  Some people will be intimidated by an Aries’ tendency to be “bossy” and speak their minds a little too much, however, many people appreciate these qualities.

People will tend to not mess with Ariens because of their knack for annihilating their opponents in arguments.  This is probably for the best…