♊ May 21 – June 20

Geminis are extremely smart and quick, particularly with words.  They are a mix of everything amazing in life: intelligent, adaptable, and communicative due to the different qualities in their sign.  Geminis do not allow life to pass them by – they are curious about life and want to be a part of everything it offers.

Duality is a huge part of being a Gemini: the symbol for their sign symbolizes this!  The concept of twins embodies the Gemini spirit, as they usually want more than one thing in each part of life.  This goes for jobs, hobbies, even lovers…  Geminis love and welcome change and always want a new experience.  This does not necessarily come from a place of greed, but the crave for something fresh and exciting.

Geminis tend to have a lot of unfinished tasks because of the physical inability to handle the workload they put on themselves.  Geminis love people and talking to them!  People are drawn to Geminis because of their amazing skill of communication.  They are great at conversation, persuasion, convincing, even gossiping.

A downfall of Geminis are their superficiality and tendency to judge something too quickly and not examine its depth.  Regardless, people are drawn to Geminis because of their amazing advice and intellectual conversations.  While they love to give advice, if things get too dark or deep, a Gemini might turn away because of their distaste for negativity.

Routine is not in a Gemini’s vocabulary, so do not try to pin one down.  If dating a Gemini, it is wise to keep things new and exciting or else they might stray…



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