♉ April 20 – May 20

Taurus is quite similar to Aries in my eyes.  I have two close friends who are Taurus’.  Let’s get into them…

Taurus people are extremely dependable and are there for people when they need them.  They are stubborn and are determined to get what they want in life.  Taurus is a fixed sign which means they do not welcome change easily.  This stubbornness comes into play again when they reject change.

What people do not know about Taureans upon first knowing them is that they really do have a temper.  Similar to Ariens, they can build up anger within them.  However what sets Taureans apart is that they will not show their anger so easily, and can keep it under control, much like a bull (their animal).

Taureans love their money and possessions.  They have excellent taste and love to share as well.  Taureans also crave security and prefer permanence over temporary “joys.”  Living with a Taurus person can be hard due to their secretiveness; Taureans are quite private people.  They can also be opinionated which can turn certain people off.

Taureans are sensitive due to their hopelessly romantic hearts.  They crave the real things in life: a stable relationship, honest friendships…  If this means having a few close friends, then so be it.  People are drawn to Taureans’ brilliant taste and financial wisdom.  However, being too dogmatic can turn people away…



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